Tiger Trek 2023

Aloha Mānoa community donors and volunteers, we extend our heartfelt gratitude for making Tiger Trek 2023 an unparalleled success. A special thank you to our dedicated volunteers for their invaluable assistance with the Tiger Trek t-shirts and the event itself. Your unwavering support is the cornerstone of the success of such events, and we appreciate the time you took from your busy schedules. You all truly are the backbone of our success!

To our amazing board members, Mako Ikemiyagi, Kim Sung, Marcus Suzuki, and Kelsey Turek, your exceptional efforts were instrumental in ensuring the success of this event. A heartfelt thank you to Margret Arakaki for her invaluable assistance with the reconciliation and various behind-the-scenes tasks. We express our sincere gratitude to the Mānoa School leadership and the dedicated support staff for their unwavering assistance, guidance, and support. Our school is truly blessed to have such an incredible team. The success of the 2023 Tiger Trek was a result of the collective efforts of a dedicated village. Your commitment to our Mānoa students is deeply appreciated.

As we continue our fundraising endeavors, aiming to achieve our annual target of $120,000, we humbly urge you to continue supporting the Mānoa School APT. Our goal is to raise an additional $20,000 by December. Stay tuned for our upcoming fundraising event, the 'Tis the Season Christmas Fundraiser, featuring popular Zippy's tickets, Cookie Corner cookies, and limited-edition Crocs Charms. Thank you all once again for your ongoing dedication and support.ookie Corner cookies and limited addition Crocs Charms. Sincerely, Umma Berkelman President Mānoa School Association of Parents and Teachers   



Goal: $70,000

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